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show how it pays to shop around. Literally.

We’re paying customers cash for choosing high-quality, cost-effective tests or procedures. Blue Cross NC is the first and only insurer to bring a rewards program like this to our state.

In 2015, Blue Cross NC launched its groundbreaking Cost Transparency Tool that revealed the true cost of common medical services to the public. The tool, which reveals how the same procedure can vary by thousands of dollars in the same town, enables consumers to make important decisions.

Now, Blue Cross NC customers who want to ensure they are receiving the best price and highest-quality care have a new tool in their arsenal to help make navigating health care easier.

As part of our continuing effort to help customers make informed decisions, we recently introduced SmartShopper. This personalized, online tool not only helps customers compare the quality and cost of 80 tests and procedures, it also pays them up to $500 for choosing a high-quality, low-cost option.

While SmartShopper is new to North Carolina, it has an impressive track record across the nation. Over just a four-year period, it has made a significant impact for employers and employees alike.

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