Today We

navigate one of the greatest challenges in managing chronic diseases.

Patients with chronic health conditions must navigate long-term — and expensive — health care challenges. And it’s costing our state in a big way. We created a team to help members improve their quality of life and lower costs for everyone.

Living with a complex illness like heart disease, diabetes or cancer can overwhelm anyone. For example, a patient with diabetes must adopt a disciplined lifestyle of diet, exercise, medication and testing. And as the number of patients who face life-changing diagnoses rises, the impact is overwhelming our state.

In fact, chronic diseases are responsible for the majority of health care costs. North Carolinians are projected to spend more than $65 billion every year in medical costs and lose $26.6 billion annually in reduced workplace productivity.1 At Blue Cross NC, we have invested in helping members manage their chronic health conditions. Our care management team works tirelessly to help our members:

  • Understand their health conditions and consequences of care decisions
  • Get the care they need by coordinating with different specialists
  • Review their coverage details
  • Find more affordable prescription medicines
  • Adhere to lifestyle changes and treatments to avoid hospital visits
  • Prepare members for what to expect before and after specific procedures—for example, hip replacements
  • Connect with helpful community resources

Because we see the benefits of care management firsthand, we offer this service at no charge to our members. More than 70 Blue Cross NC care managers—dedicated health care professionals including nurses, social workers, dietitians and behavioral health specialists—proactively reach out to members who are living with a complex or chronic health condition.

When patients feel supported with information and resources, they can start changing the impact that chronic diseases have on their lives and their wallets. Our care management services also streamline the entire communications process between patient, provider and insurer—which saves time and money for everyone.