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help simplify care the way customers want it simplified.

While all consumers want an easy and seamless health care experience, not every consumer interacts with the health care system in the same way.

But whether it’s through technology or more traditional means, when we simplify health care so customers can make smarter, more informed decisions, everyone wins. Find out more about how Blue Cross NC is leveraging both technology and human interaction to bring support and simplicity to customers’ fingertips.

Pulling back the curtain on costs

It’s hard to believe, but the cost for many common procedures can vary by thousands of dollars even within the same area.

When consumers don’t have easy access to this information, they are not only in the dark about the total cost of care, but how much it will cost them in out-of-pocket costs. What’s more, evidence shows that providers that don’t share price information with consumers tend to have substantially higher prices. This, in turn drives up health care costs for everyone.1

That’s why we made pricing for hundreds of procedures easily available on a simple, searchable website. In fact, Blue Cross NC was the first insurer in NC to share the true costs of care with all North Carolinians in 2015 with our Cost Transparency Tool. Find out more about how we work to shine a light on what care actually costs.

Simplifying care, one customer at a time.

Sometimes, you just need to sit down with a real person to help you make sense of your health insurance coverage.

That’s why we created customer service centers. Here, everyone from current members to new-to-Blue Cross NC customers can get the one-on-one help they need in choosing a health plan and getting answers about claims, appeals and benefits. Find out more about other services and resources offered in our customer service centers at

Rewarding smart, easy choices

Where to have a procedure or test performed?

Given the option, selecting a high-quality facility at a lower cost seems like an easy choice. But Blue Cross NC’s new tool, SmartShopper, goes one step further: it pays customers for choosing high-quality, lower-cost care. Learn more about SmartShopper, including how it has saved other customers millions of dollars.

Care at customers’ fingertips

Patients are increasingly taking charge of their own health and becoming empowered health care consumers. Ease and access top their list of wants and needs.

Consider that:

  • 70 percent of consumers report that they feel personally responsible for managing their own health.2
  • According to a national survey, 87 percent of consumers say they have engaged with at least one digital health tool.3

Blue Cross NC has a number of tools that make it easier than ever for customers to get the answers they need, when they need them. The Blue Connect mobile app enables customers to view plan benefits, claim status and Member ID cards on the go. It also includes access to tools like an urgent care finder, find a drug tool and doctor search tool.

Another tool at our customers’ fingertips is Health Line Blue, our 24/7 nurse advice line. It offers the convenience of our online tools, along with the ability to speak to a nurse to help determine when and where customers should get care. Because at the end of the day (in fact, anytime day or night) everybody deserves to interact with the health care system in the way that works for them.

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