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share our vision of transforming health care for the better.

We’re creating deeper relationships with health care providers to improve care, lower costs and make for a better patient experience. And we’re just getting started.

Will health care as we know it have to change in order to achieve the ultimate goal of higher-quality care, lower costs and a better patient experience for North Carolinians? We think so. As the state’s largest health insurer, with deep relationships with doctors and hospitals across the state, we’re in a unique position to lead and accelerate this positive change.

Dr. Patrick Conway, CEO and President of Blue Cross NC, shares his vision and how Blue Cross NC is putting it into action. Read the op-ed published in the News & Observer and watch the video below.

How we’re transforming health care for the better


Expanding value-based provider arrangements


Investing in primary care and behavioral health


Addressing the root causes of health issues


Providing tools and resources for consumer engagement