Today We are working to make health care better, less complicated and more affordable for North Carolinians. And we’ll do it again tomorrow.

Leading the health care transformation one day at a time

When I joined Blue Cross NC in 2017, I became part of an organization that has spent the past 85 years working to make health care in North Carolina better, more accessible and more affordable. We’ve come a long way since 1933, but health care is unaffordable for far too many North Carolinians, and quality is uneven. It’s time to pick up the pace of change—and Blue Cross NC is committed to leading the way by driving better quality and outcomes, lowering costs, delivering a best-in-class experience and being a model health plan for our nation.

Today, we are sharing with you the big and small things we do each day to fight for affordability, simplify the complexities in our health care system and make our state healthier. Sometimes progress means an investment in the future. Sometimes it means learning from our mistakes and finding ways to do things better. Sometimes it means simply taking a closer look at a challenge, so we can better understand how to address it. Our goal is to be the best at getting better—every day, week, month, year, and for decades to come to serve our customers.

Every day, we come to work with one goal: to lead the transformation of the health system in our state. It won’t happen overnight, but I believe it will happen. I hope Today We not only allows you to follow this journey but inspires you to be part of it. Together we can impact and transform the health care system for all North Carolinians.

Blue Cross NC President, CEO and practicing pediatrician, Dr. Patrick Conway

Today We are leading the transformation of health care by:

Fighting for affordability

Making health care affordable for all North Carolinians is our number one priority. Here are the ways we are helping lower costs and improve care.

Simplifying the complex

People want a health care system that makes it easy for them to make smart, informed choices. Here’s what we’re doing to make that a reality.

Creating a healthier North Carolina

Healthier communities lead to lower health care costs for everyone. See how we’re working to create a healthier state.