Today We

invest in the health of every North Carolinian.

We’re tackling the root challenges of our health issues to make our state healthier. 

Often, when we think about what shapes a person’s health, we think about routine doctor visits, medications and exercise—things largely within the control of our doctor and ourselves.

But where we live, how safe or stressful our environments are, our access to quality education, healthy foods, transportation and community resources all affect our health.

These factors, called drivers of health, affect us before we are born and last throughout our lives. In 2019, McKinsey & Company reported that 53 percent of people say they are adversely impacted by at least one driver of health. In general, more than half of us have an unmet need relating to social, economic or environmental factors that negatively affects our health.1

To bring costs down, we need to invest today.

That’s why in 2018 we invested an additional $50 million into North Carolina community health initiatives this year. This investment focuses on four specific areas: addressing the state’s opioid epidemic, early childhood development, drivers of health and primary care.

After all, we know if we make smart investments in our local communities, we will improve people’s health, save money and lower costs.

Everyone wins.

  1. Insights from the McKinsey 2019 Consumer Social Determinants of Health Survey. McKinsey & Company (April 2019). Accessed February 2020.