Today We

tackle hunger across our state.

One in five children in NC lives in a home without access to enough affordable, healthy food.1 That’s not okay.

No one wants to see children, the elderly—or anyone for that matter—go hungry. Yet realities like these and other serious, preventable health issues exist in our state. These problems not only tug at our emotions, they have real implications for long-term health and health care costs. As a practicing pediatrician, our CEO, Dr. Patrick Conway, has seen first-hand the impact that food insecurity has on kids across North Carolina.

“Where we live, how safe or stressful our environments are, our access to quality education, healthy foods, transportation and community resources all affect our health.”

President and CEO, Dr. Patrick Conway

Watch Dr. Conway’s video to learn more about his experiences and why Blue Cross NC is investing in improving the root causes of our health issues. Then, read the articles at the bottom of the page to see how Blue Cross NC is putting solutions into action.